This analysis emphasizes all the progress that has taken place in the evolution of SEO in recent years. Therefore, we will talk about several ramifications of it and the development that this resource has had. It is something that very few people know, but it is something essential for search engine positioning, mainly Google. Although Google goes hand in hand with this tool at all times, it sometimes makes updates that disfavor this method. How? Well, Google’s search engine wants to focus on more fluid pages. This in addition to giving the person a different experience with respect to the development that SEO has had lately.

At the same time, Google wants to pay its attention to those pages with real high quality content. It also wants to make searching easier and faster without clicking on the information. This means that the results panels must be updated to find what the user wants. (Again, without having to click on the page).

Evolution of SEO in Recent Years

Mobile Indexing

Google continues to bet on mobile indexing. This means that it will make some small configurations so that websites are enhanced on devices. Similarly, this refers to maintaining a better aesthetic and include content for mobile having equally fast pages. This resource is important for SEO due to the need for its tools to adapt to current demands.

At the same time, the computer giant will be using new functions to make a complete change in the application of these tools. As more and more users are accessing the search engine via mobile devices, the search engine will focus on mobile-first indexing. This will change the priority of this search engine, as it will focus mainly on websites optimized for mobile devices and not for computer screens.

In order to apply this feature, enhancements must be made to websites based on:

  • Different device screens.
  • Adequacy of fonts that are easy to read.
  • Optimization of site load times.
  • Adaptation of the size of pop-up windows, along with images and videos loading faster than on the computer.

Artificial Intelligence in SEO

This tool, whose objective is to learn automatically, is leaving aside the way in which SEO is used and applied. This is because our search engine is applying AI in order to maintain the quality of the results and the user experience. In short, forming an understanding of the user that suits their tastes. This means that websites will have to focus on high quality content, giving a better experience and thus, satisfying the promised audience.

The next way to easily configure and customize is to use natural terminology for an article, content or other material to be produced; so that the artificial intelligence will recognize and suggest or help us to use or implement long tail keywords in the same way that everyday SEO does, which people use to find the information they want.

In that same way, it is substatial to create and supply high quality content. In that way, the consumer, if possible, can express a positive opinion about the value provided by the content.

Video SEO

On the other hand, although the audiovisual format was not taken as an important factor years ago, the passage of time has given it importance. In fact, it is becoming very important in the field of SEO.

The search engine has made improvements so that it will return results with video material included. In other words, the search engine is taking into account and focusing on this type of material.

It is also true that companies are starting to use this type of material to gain traffic to their websites. Therefore, the effectiveness of focusing on this resource is undeniable, at least today.

How to Implement SEO on Video Searches?

Many people do not understand how to attract video consumers, as they are a different audience than written information. Although the most consumed platform, YouTube, is also on the same path as Google, its audience has its differences. Similarly, it is important to optimize the video for search engines (by adding keywords, or descriptions containing keyword tags, the last one in the case of YouTube). By implementing both strategies, the optimization of the video will improve and attract significantly more user traffic than without them.

On the other hand, it is important to emphasize that the page or website where the video will be displayed must be configured to optimize its loading. This is because, if the video does not play smoothly, people will quickly give up and traffic will be lost.

Local SEO

This type of SEO is growing and has established itself as one of the most important in the world of marketing and business marketing. This is because it performs the function of attracting customers in the area that is handled, as its name says, at a local level.

Just as in the previous text it is extremely important to create high quality content, it is also important to pinpoint the location of users. Having achieved this, you can know their tendencies and tastes in order to personalize the content you show them. In addition, it is important to manage the data allowed by users in order to offer them the type of content they are expecting to find. How do you access it? Well, by means of the cookies that they voluntarily accept.

Important note: It is absolutely necessary to have a Google My Business listing, as this will give you better support in the digital world. Additionally, it will guide search engines to know for what purpose and what kind of services the company you are analyzing provides.

In conclusion, the evolution of SEO in recent years has advanced, as well as its tools. This in the same way that Google is adapting to the times to remain the first choice for users. To accomplish this, the most efficient strategies and tools they have at their disposal will be used.