Investing in an MBA is a good way to choose how to establish your future, due to the fact that this will be bringing you successes. Of course, it is known that there are many MBA institutions, so it is not known which one would be the best choice. However, a survey of the most prestigious and honorable academies globally will be conducted to identify the best MBA schools internationally.

In addition, it is important to clarify that, globally, there are many online MBA curricula that give you the greatest ease of studying from your home (or any remote location where you may be). Therefore, it gives you the greatest capability and high quality when it comes to studying this graduate degree in business administration.

The Best MBA Schools Internationally

We have a variety that are found as I said is true, by many parts of this world because of that I would be mentioning some of them:

Duke Professional School of Business:

Currently, this institution has around 25,000 students already graduated, which generate a large network of education. Therefore, this faculty is known for its global educational method. This in addition to a joint degree that is carried out with around 2 or more universities, giving you the advantage of graduating multiple the student.

Yale Professional School of Business:

Yale Som is a very popular academy in the subject, as it has the majority of executive MBA graduates. (Whether full time or not). This is for people who are working in multinational industries, since this master’s degree has high educational quality. It also offers other types of master’s degrees, such as systematic risk, business risk and global agencies.

In short, it has a very extensive catalog in the field and it has all types of management.

UC Berkeley’s Haas Professional School of Business:

As this college received the sum of around $25.000, it became the most popular faculty for several decades. Due to this, this university has been able to improve its programs and provide better student service, either face-to-face or online.

This academy, in addition to providing “master of primary specializations in finance,” also has educational programs. Among them are marketing and its ramifications, accounting, business interrelation, and biology. It also has the undergraduate degree in commercial traffic in global business.”

Harvard Professional School of Business:

Similar to the previous academies, this faculty, when it comes to providing the best educational service, shows its efficiency and honorable prestige. This faculty promotes and provides the service of a full time MBA training plan. At the same time, it provides its DBA doctoral program, business and finance training and educational training in other executive subjects.

For now, this university has not implemented the executive MBA program yet. However, the possibilities for such a program to be implemented still exist.

Stanford Professional School of Business:

From what is known at the popular level, this university gives the highest confidence and prestige, given that it has around 1800 students taking the admission test. Its pass rate is more or less 30 students, which shows the high excellence of its educational sector.

On the other hand, we should not leave aside one of the programs that this school has, which is called Stanford GBS. This program has a master’s degree in MBA; in addition to the above, this is carried out with a duration of 2 years. Overall, the program has more than 200 courses derived from the DBA.

University of Pennsylvania – Wharton School of Professional Business:

This institution is recognized due to the fact that within its programs the executive MBA is incorporated. As in the previous school, this program has a duration of 2 years. Obviously, many other organizations have foreseen and realized the growth of this type of master’s degree.

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Announcement from the OAS: A Plan will be Implemented for Scholarships with 50% off in Everything that Has MBA Included

Having talked about the best MBA schools internationally, there is another topic that is important to talk about. In that manner, the Organization of American States, along with Westfield University, will execute a process for those who wish to study a master’s degree in Business Administration. (And any other subdivision of that subject of study).

In that sense, the OAS has about 10 participants who are in charge of providing them with the corresponding amount of money. In this way, it is possible to facilitate the entrance to this program without any problem and knowing the bet that is being made for the future of the discipline.

Because of that, it is necessary to mention that it will be carried out this year. In addition, this program comes with a surprise, since the MBA will be taught and explained entirely in Spanish. This is in order to attract more participants of Spanish-speaking origin, giving them the same possibilities as a person of U.S. origin.

Likewise, those who choose to study in this program will have a 16-month online durability. In this way, all participants will be able to enjoy an easier way to establish their schedules with flexibility.

To clarify, people who graduate from this faculty will have a degree of American and European origin, which will be supported by the same organization. This allows this type of degree to be certified in the country where the graduate is located.