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New Jobs at Open english

por | Ene 24, 2024

The possibility of finding a job in Open English is real and it is easier than you think.

We understand your interest in exploring job opportunities on this important virtual English teaching platform.

Working in open English has great benefits, which we will tell you about below.

You will also see the requirements and the selection process , as well as the available roles and the future of the company in the field of virtual teaching.

How many employees does Open English have?

The talented team of employees at open english is very large, opening up the possibility of more jobs and new vacancies.

More than 2,000 dedicated collaborators, including internal employees and contractors, are currently focused on enhancing the company’s presence in its core market in Latin America (with special emphasis on Brazil).

In Spain and in the vibrant Hispanic market in the United States.

It should be noted that this project is in preparation to move forward with determination in new and exciting business spaces.

They are committed to growth and innovation, and firmly believe in their team’s potential to reach new heights on this exciting journey.

We invite you to be part of this exciting company, where every contribution counts and there are plenty of job offers!

As you can see, Open English has seen steady growth, suggesting continued stability and opportunities for those looking to join their team.

Benefits of Working at Open English

Professional Development Opportunities

Open English stands out for offering extensive professional development opportunities to its employees.

The company values ​​individual growth and provides ongoing training programs, mentoring and resources to ensure employees advance their careers in meaningful ways.

This philosophy is reflected in its commitment to helping you achieve your professional goals.

Corporate Culture and Work Environment

Open English’s corporate culture is a vital element that contributes to the overall success of the company.

An inclusive and collaborative environment is promoted , where each employee feels valued.

Diversity and creativity are encouraged, which contributes to an enriching work environment.

Employee Wellness Programs

Open English recognizes the importance of the well-being of its employees.

It offers comprehensive wellness programs that go beyond the conventional .

From psychological counseling to recreational activities, the company cares about the balance between work and personal life of its employees.

Requirements and Selection Process

Ideal Candidate Profile

Before applying, it is essential to understand the ideal profile that Open English looks for in its employees.

The company values ​​a passion for teaching, strong interpersonal skills, and exceptional command of the English language.

Additionally, look for proactive individuals committed to continuous learning.

Stages of the Interview Process

The selection process at Open English follows a structured approach.

From initial resume review to technical and behavioral interviews, each stage serves a specific purpose to evaluate your skills and fit with the company culture .

Training and Orientation

Once selected, Open English offers a comprehensive training program.

This process ensures that you are fully prepared to take on your responsibilities and contribute to the company’s success from day one .

Ongoing coaching is also available to support your long-term development.

Roles Available in Open English

Now, you will see the diverse and available roles that Open English offers, covering key areas spanning technology, marketing, operations and administration.

Let’s look at a table that summarizes these roles:

Area Available Roles
Technology Product development, Software development, Business intelligence, IT
Marketing Creative, Online Marketing, Offline Marketing
Operations Sales and Service, Academic, Customer Experience, Process Excellence
Administration Accounting, Finance, Legal, Human Resources

These categories offer a clear view of the diversity of roles available, providing options for different skills and professional experiences.

Future of Open English and Trends in Virtual Teaching

Company Growth Projections

Open English has ambitious growth projections. According to market analysis, the company is expected to continue expanding globally, which means more job opportunities in the future.

If you are looking for stability and growth, Open English could be the right choice for your career .

Planned Innovations in the Educational Field

The company is committed to continuing to innovate in the educational field.

Open English is expected to adopt new technologies and methodologies to improve the learning experience of its students .

This not only benefits customers, but also creates exciting opportunities for employees involved in these innovative projects.

Adaptation to Market Trends

Open English remains attentive to market trends. The company is committed to adapting to changing market demands and anticipating the future needs of its customers and employees .

This strategic approach ensures that the company remains relevant and offers sustainable employment opportunities.

Jobs currently available

Currently there are several jobs available in different countries with open English.

Below we will see a list of vacant jobs today to apply for in open english.

Vacancies available

Employment Modality Location Time
BDR B2B Remote Virtual Full time
BDR B2B Remote Virtual Full time
Business Development Executive Remote Virtual Full time
Business Development Executive Remote USA (Advanced english) Full time
Business Development Executive USA Remote Peru Full time
Business Development Junior Manager Remote Virtual Full time
Customer Success Alianzas Remote Colombia (advanced Portuguese) Full time
Customer Success Executive HR Remote Virtual (Portuguese and advanced Spanish) Full time
Senior B2B Commercial Executive Remote Virtual Full time
Senior Business Development Executive Remote Mexico Full time
Senior B2B Business Development Executive Remote Virtual Full time
Senior B2B Business Development Executive Remote Virtual Full time
Alliance commercial executive Remote Mexico Full time
Alliances Executive (Retention/Renewals) Remote Colombia Full time
Senior Business Development Executive Remote Peru Full time
Alliance Sales Executive Remote Colombia Full time
Senior Business Development Executive Remote Santiago, Chile Full time
Senior Business Development Executive Remote Virtual Full time
sales executive Remote Chili Full time
Sales executive Mexico Remote Virtual Full time
HR Customer Satisfaction Executive Remote Virtual Full time
Hunter Commercial B2B Intangibles Remote Buenos Aires Full time
SDR leader Remote Bogota Full time
Customer satisfaction leader In person Bogota Full time
Partnership sales executive Remote Brazil Full Time
Sales Development Representative Remote Virtual Full time
B2B Sales Development Representative In person Buenos Aires Full time
Sales Development Representative Remote Colombia Full time
SDR – Sales Developer Representative Remote Mexico (Spanish) Full time
Sales Development Representative Remote Mexico for USA Full time
Bilingual Sales Representative Mexico Remote Bilingual Mexico Full time
Senior Business Development Executive B2B Intangibles Remote Bogota Full time

There are more vacancies than those listed above. We invite you to the following link which will direct you to the official Open English vacancies.

Official vacancy site in open english


Job searching at Open English offers a diverse range of opportunities.

From a nurturing work environment to a strong commitment to professional development, the company stands out in the virtual teaching market.

Consider your profile, available opportunities and the company’s future vision when making informed career decisions.

We wish you much success in your job search at Open English!