The organization formerly known as Facebook, Meta, has created a new social network called Threads. This social network aims to compete directly with Twitter and provide users a forum to express their opinions and talk about any topics they want. 

To encourage the fact of sharing of uplifting content on the platform, Meta has launched some initiatives that are expected to give positive results. Users can choose who mentions or replies to them, and can filter specific words to make replies containing those words disappear. Additionally, a Threads profile can be blocked, restricted or reported, just like other social networks. 

In short, Threads is a new social network made to be Twitter’s main rival. It intends to provide an alternative to users looking for a place to share their opinions and discuss whatever they want. Said app, which is currently available to download, provides a variety of tools to promote great content and find new creators.

A curious fact is that this application, which launched a preliminary version in 2019, maintains some of its original functions after being relaunched in 2023. However, the app contains an age limit, which is 12 years old in the Appstore stores and Parental Guidance in the Google Play Store stores. Although that is a fact, the minimum age for the Instagram App is still 13 years old. 

Common Q&A about Threads

Am I available to use this social network? 

Over 100 countries now offer Threads for download through Apple and Android stores.

Instagram users can access Threads through their Instagram account because it was created by the Instagram team. You can change other aspects of your profile, such as whether or not you want to follow the same users you follow on Instagram, as well as your username and verification status, which will carry over from one platform to the other one. 

Is it Possible to Use Threads even if I do not have any Instagram account available?

Even if some people do not like this requirement, it is only possible for those who have Instagram accounts to register on Threads. Signing up for Instagram is a prerequisite if you want to access it.

Making Threads something like an Instagram‚Äôs extension can produce people to express disappointment. Nevertheless, Mike Proulx, vice president and director of research at consultancy Forrester, thinks it was a wise move on Meta’s part.

Does Twitter look like Threads?

The microblogging features of Twitter and Threads are very similar.

Threads can contain hyperlinks, images and videos up to five minutes in length and can be up to 500 characters (as opposed to Twitter’s 280 character limit).


Which social network is it going to compete with?

Threads was shaping up to be Twitter’s main rival when it first launched. However, users of this platform have expressed growing dissatisfaction with the usage policies implemented since Elon Musk acquired Twitter. These actions include introducing fees for verified accounts and imposing daily usage restrictions on free accounts.

Users believe that these erratic formulas are negatively affecting their experience on the platform. For example, there have been various opinions about introducing fees for verified accounts. This because some users feel that verification should be a completely free process available to everyone. The daily restrictions on the use of free accounts, on the other hand, have been seen as a barrier to open communication and interaction on Twitter.

These facts have emphasized the value of Threads as a replacement for Twitter. This by giving users exactly what they want: a platform in which they can avoid the contentious policies and erratic actions. Threads positions itself as a compelling option for those looking for a more consistent and reliable social network thanks to its emphasis on a more stable and controversy-free user experience. 

Additionally, Threads is up against a number of new rivals, including Mastodon, Bluesky, Post and Truth Social. All of them have made very feeble attempts to win over Twitter users following the turbulence caused by the arrival of Elon Musk. 

Why does not the EU (European Union) accept Threads? 

Despite having its premiere in many countries around the world, as confirmed by Meta, Threads will not be offered in the EU at the moment. Although the real reasons have not been made public either, it is assumed that this decision was made out of concern. This by considering that the application, which imports data directly from Instagram users, did not adhere to community restrictions on data protection. 

Upcoming Promises 

The main benefit of Threads is that it will not function as a centralized social network. As a result, it will implement the ActivityPub protocol in the future, joining Mastodon in the Fediverse. Although it is not clear whether they will impose any restrictions or not, this will allow you to communicate with most Mastodon users. 

Consider that all of today’s social media content is centralized, meaning it is all held on single-instance servers like Twitter or Instagram. Then ask yourself: ‚ÄúAnd what is that about Fediverse?‚ÄĚ Fediverse networks work in reverse. For example, there is not a single server on Mastodon. A large and wide network of servers and instances is available, plus you can create your own. However, you can read the content of all users in all instances of Mastodon.¬†

You will not have to register on this social network to interact with its users, and not all of its users will have to be registered to talk to you. That is thanks to the implementation of the same technology by Threads. Users of other instances of social networks that use the same technology must be followed. 


Furthermore, Threads positions itself as a social media platform that aims to stay away from the debates and controversies. Said controversies are frequently related to Elon Musk’s comments and facts. Given the difficulties that Facebook and other social networks have encountered in this area, it will be crucial to monitor how the platform develops its response to the existence of negative content and the spread of misinformation.¬†

It is crucial to remember that Facebook has had trouble reining in negativity and the spread of false information on its platform. In light of this, it will be intriguing to see how Threads excels in this area and implements sensible measures to provide its users a safer online experience.

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